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Born and bred in Southern California, recording artist Darren Pynn has experienced the richness of expectation and the depths of dissolution, which is generously reflected in his carefully crafted acoustic styling - THE NEW WEST. Music begging to break out and become something wonderful, brisling with energy.

Darren Pynn has created an honest to goodness, American roots-rock recording with his first full-length release, SUICIDE. Pynn delivers his signature style of rough-edged storytelling with a sly tip of the hat to contemporary songwriter Steve Earle who is "too rock for country, too country for rock". With a foundation built on acoustic music, "his clean-cut all-American demeanor belies the smoke n whiskey attitude that comes over the mic".

The 10-song SUICIDE CD is a tour de force of straight-ahead, radio-friendly favorites, such as, Saffire, which features country-rock veteran, Chris Lawrence, on pedal steel. These songs reflect the desperation that separates who we really are and who we thought we'd become...caught somewhere between here and the end. In THE NEW WEST, women are easier to love and satisfaction is just over the horizon..."my pleasure is your aim to please".

Darren hails from a family of Bakersfield, California musicians. He reaches deeper into his own roots inspired by the gospel bluegrass music of his upbringing and his own defiant youthful aggression - rediscovering the sensibility in between the rhythm and melody of American music. The SUICIDE album [derivation] is an eclectic mix of country-rock songs and progressive western music. Welcome to THE NEW WEST.

Darren Pynn is currently making live appearances in the greater Los Angeles area in support of the SUICIDE album (Devilboy Records, www.devilboyrecords.com) and in pre-production for the follow-up studio release, 3 DAYS SOBER.

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